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Michaelking Magicgifts are a range of magic tricks, booklets and fun items available for purchase by anyone on line and at various public events. Please call for further information and pricing.

Michael King can be seen demonstrating any of these magical effects at charity and county events during the year and forthcoming showdates open to members of the public are listed below:

  • The Art Of Magic & Sleight of Hand. 120 magic trick secrets in this hardback book, contains over 1000 colour photographs.
  • 101 Amazing Tricks with a Svengali Deck. Boo klet supports and tutors use of the svengali (also called long and short) card deck.
  • 101 Amazing Tricks with a Stripper Deck. Booklet supports and tutors use of the stripper (also called a taper or shaved )deck of cards.
  • Darwin’s 101 Thumb Tip Tricks. Booklet giving many great ideas (including from Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Siegfried & Roy) on the effective and varied use of this popular magic item.
  • Cups Cups Cups. Boo klet on the cups and balls routines and similar effects by Morrissey Magic Ltd.
  • Cups & Balls. Mag ic booklet by Tom Osborne, covering many aspects of this classic magical routine and props and sleights utilised in performance.
  • Linking Rings. Set of eight five inch rings for the classic linking ring routine.
  • Chinese Sticks. Pair of the wands used for the Chinese sticks routine whereby tassles on cords rise and fall in the hands of the magician. Pocket or Jumbo size available.
  • Vanishing Hankerchief. Vanish a small silk hankerchief or similar object of your choosing in the classic thumb tip gimmick popular with magicians.
  • Mini Zig-Zag illusion. A small clown figure, or if you prefer a cigarette, rolled currency note, pencil or similar, can by disected into three pieces and restored immediately with the use of this ingenious box.
  • Dynamic Coins English Ten Pence version. A pile of five coins apparently appear, disappear, transpose and penetrate two solid brass style caps. Very cleverly made.
  • The Lightning Vanisher. A lit Cigarette …or any other object of the same size, i.e. rolled note, pencil, crayon, etc can be made to vanish with this gimmick, also known as a ‘cigarette pull’. ( If using a lit cigarette, the gimmick extinguishes the cigarette whilst vanishing it at the same time ).
  • Invisible Zone. The middle of a bic style biro vanishes whilst the two ends remain in view, Quite visually astonishing, all due to a well made prop to do all the work.
  • Svengali cards. Long and short card variety of trick deck of cards, in bicycle design backs, from USA.
  • Stripper cards. Taper style deck of cards, also in bicycle design backs, from USA.
  • Jumbo size cards. Normal pack of cards, but much larger size for better display.
  • Three Shell Game. Classic effect by Vernet with three well made plastic walnut shell halves and four ‘pea’ style balls in green rubber for this popular effect.
  • Floating Match. Match appears to float above playing cards. Great close-up pocket effect.
  • Sponge ball Magic. Set of four red Goshmann (one and a half inch) sponge balls for creating routines with this versatile prop. Basic routines come included with the set of balls.
  • ROYAL Magic DVD : Amazing Tricks with Sponge balls. Vanishes, colour changes, etc.
  • 25 Amazing Tricks ROYAL Magic DVD with Linking Rings. Hosted by sleight of hand artist Troy Hooser.
  • Kaleidoscope Cards. A stunning card effect with this special pack. Amazing effect with three coincidences to baffle spectators. I love performing this one.
  • Wild Cards. Excellent routine where eight identical cards change to eight completely different cards when touched by a ninth card. Easy to perform but you will be credited with great sleight of hand skills. Bicycle design cards from USA.
  • Professors Nightmare. Three ropes or cords change size to become small, long or medium YET all the same size, impossibly puzzling magic with full instructions and easy to perform.
  • Dice Explosion. Not a bomb in any sense of the word, but a fun visual illusion where a large black dice with white number spots changes in a shake to eight miniature dice. Good pocket effect .




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