Upon turning professional, Michael was snapped up by a local cable TV station to present their weekly news - plus the occasional magic trick . This was good for low key profile exposure and free advertising for his launch into full time magic !

Michael has been offered flights to Europe to perform his magic, (one such prospect was based solely on a ten minute magic performance incorporating the company’s new microchip !!). A marketing company also took Michael with them to Paris on the Eurostar to perform close-up magic en route and a luncheon cabaret spot in the Paris hotel .

Recently, Michael enjoyed a year long evening restaurant ‘residency’ in London. The restaurant, Da Mario, was popular with the late Princess of Wales, and her sons, and is close to Kensington Gardens. By coincidence, Michael met and was assisted in an amazing trick using a borrowed finger ring by Prince William at a private party in Gloucestershire. Sven Goran Eriksson is another popular figure to have enjoyed Michael’s restaurant table magic. At a country house party Michael was pleased to entertain guests including Jeremy Paxman and family with close-up magic – the great interrogator was heard to say ‘fantastic!!’ by way of response, and said he wished that he had the skills to learn and perform a couple of tricks !

Highly respected magician Paul Daniels and his lovely wife Debbie were guests at a table for whom Michael performed recently at Cliveden, former home of the Astor family. Paul was generous enough to inform those present that Michael was very good, and insisted that Michael gave out his business cards at their table. Paul chatted to Michael after the event, demonstrated his renowned skill, and shared some tips from his wealth of knowledge in the world of magic and about the business of magic.

Michael says that Magic itself is going through a very popular phase at the moment, for a variety of reasons including the fact that we are not being overwhelmed with tv magic shows at present, whilst the Harry Potter craze has increased interest (and Magic Circle applications!!).

Two rumoured events that may continue to promote the profile and popularity of Magic are a ‘War Magician’ film to star Tom Cruise and another movie ‘Smoke & Mirrors’ to star Michael Douglas. Long may the wide appeal of magic continue !!!




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